How to host the ultimate Taylor Swift Eras Tour-themed party (2024)

How to host the ultimate Taylor Swift Eras Tour-themed party (1)

Is the Taylor Swift Eras Tour taking over your FYP? Your Insta explore page?DW, us too. Seeingsnippets from the extensive setlist (44 songs!) is super excitingbut can leave us feeling a little sad that we're not jamming out with Tay in person. If you're looking for ways to cure acase of FOMO, we know just the remedy: anEras Tour-themed party!

Whether you've snatched up some tickets and want to celebrate or are just planning a party to rival the Eras Tour itself (thx for nothing, Ticketmaster), we're breaking down everythingyou need to host the most enchantedSwiftie bash. There's definitely gonna be glitter on the floor after this party.

The invites

Not to bring back any bad mems of Nov. 15 (the infamous Eras presale date), but what better way to invite your bestiesto yourtour-themed party than by sending them a Ticketmaster-styleinvite?

You can send them a ticket-like invite in the mail with the date, time and location of your soiree, or you can go full Ticketmaster by sending your invitees an email or text saying something like,"Congratulations, you are invited to RSVP toTaylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Party)!". Make sure to include the date and location of your party here, too. Don't want to fool your BFFs!

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The dress code

This is the most fun (and Insta-worthy!)part, tbh. Once all of your besties have RSVP'd, invite them to dress up in their bestEras tour-inspired outfit. This could be anything from the iconic"You Belong with Me" music video fitto afave opening act'ssignature look (Phoebe Bridgers skeleton suit, anyone?). Just like all the concert looks we've been seeing on TikTok, you can get super creative. Wear the fits of your wildest dreams—we can't wait to see the Insta pics.


my entire fyp is just eras tour outfits and i have watched every single one of them

♬ new romantics - a (Taylor’s Version)

The decor

OK, our goal here is to make your party venue look and feel *just* like a concert scene. You're gonna need some decorative lights (like this mirrorball)to set the mood.You can also use multicolored balloons or biodegradable star confetti (just like the ones Tay uses) to enhance the color. Bonus points if they're album-themed!

Another cute idea: DIY photo booth!If you've got a tripod (or even just a chair or table), you can set up a phone to takepics with. And no photo booth is complete without props! Accessories like a microphone, a "22"-inspired fedora and a blow-up guitar would make for adorableflicks.

As for the music? Use Taylor's setlist, duh! You can find it here.

@r.eeh1 It’s my birthdayyyy#mirrorball #fyp #bd #اكسبلور ♬ mirrorball x the archer - r & m <33

The food

All good parties have a delish, diverse spread. It's a good thing that Taylor's repertoire has a range of music to match. Pair a dish to an album or invite your friends to bring an Eras-inspired treat of their choice! A Swiftie potluck, if you will.

Here are some of ourfave treats(album by album):

  • Debut: Tim McGraw's sliders (his fave food!)
  • Fearless: "Superstar"-shaped cookies
  • Speak Now: "Sparks Fly" popping candies
  • Red: "Burning red" velvet brownies
  • 1989: "Welcome to New York"-style pizza
  • Reputation: LWYMMD gummy snakes
  • Lover: "Cruel Summer" watermelon skewers
  • Folklore: Joe's frozen yogurt
  • Evermore: Sparkling cider (for all of your "Champagne Problems")
  • Midnights: "Bejeweled" cupcakes with edible glitter

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The activities

As blondiesays in "You're On Your Own Kid," it's time to make the friendship bracelets. All you need are some string and some pony beads, both the alphabet kind and beads with the cutest album-themed colors. Pick out your fave Taylor songs or albums to shout out on your jewelry. Can't stop listening to Speak Now? A purple and white bracelet with the words "Sparks Fly" would be perf.

If you're looking for more activities, try some Taylor Swift karaoke—there are plenty of free lyric videos on YouTube! If singing isn't your squad's thing, "Name That Taylor Swift Song" is a crowd-pleaser for any Swiftie friend group. Crown the winner with the title of the ultimate "Mastermind."

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The favors

You may not have actual Eras Tour merch to give to your BFFs, but you can still send them offwith the cutest DIY Swiftie keepsakes! You can makeyour gal palsfeel loved by creatingapersonalized Taylor Swift playlist for each guest.Bake a batch of delishchai cookies (Taylor's own recipe) for a take-home treat as well. All good things must come to end, but this party will def be an ~era~ to remember.

@liv1ivliv I just realized I hit 300k THANK YOU THANK UOU ily all this has made my day🫶🏻 (this is an older video I’m working on new content as we type) #heartshaped #taylorswift #chaicookies #foryoupage #viral #baking ♬ all too well 10 min version sped up - bia (taylor’s version)

Share all of your Eras Tourfestivities with us on Instagram @girlslifemag!

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How to host the ultimate Taylor Swift Eras Tour-themed party (2024)


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